SWARN MEDIA is a national and international Hindi web news portal /news network/news network channel. Which comes under the social media, which is being operated from Patna, Bihar State Capital, run by the Swarn Media Private Limited, which is registered, business, administrative and head office in Patna. The said incorporation/company/news network channel was established by seventeen years of experienced young senior journalist Manoj Kumar. The incorporation/company/news network channel of the Chairman cum Chief Managing Director co Chief Editor Mr. Manoj Kumar. The name of the Swarn Media, News network channel was named:- www.swarnmedia.in To see the news and advertisements in detail, you can logging on to the said news network and view all the news and advertisements of the country-wide- countries and the on Internet. Such as national, international, state news, district news, regional news, near news, collective news, latest news, news broadcast, breaking news, chief news, editorial, advertise broadcast, breaking advertise, video news broadcast, interview, press conference, elections, general elections, politics, live news broadcast, sports, health, education, Entertainment, Spirituality, Employment, Video Advertising, Still Advertising, and text Advertising etc. is our first priority. Breaking news services on mobile, advertising services on mobile, voice advertising services on mobile are our super special services. Appointment of correspondent, advertise representative & photo grapher in all the states, districts, subdivisions and blocks in India, appointment of advertisement representative and appointment of advertise expansion managers are special services. 

In the end, with the affection of all, love, coperation and expectations, we are committed to bring you fresh events, news and advertisements.

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